There's a knack to adding eye-popping impact
to your offers. This little report explains
it in clear, easy to understand steps.

Would You like To Double Your Prices,
Make More Sales For More Money,
And Have Your Customers
Thank You For It?

"One of those pieces of reference material that should be on every marketer's desk -- period. Quick, to the point, no fluff. It's the strong stuff, straight up!"

Judy Kettenhofen

From: Paul Myers
Date: March 16, 2007


This is going to sound a trifle bold, but: If you have an existing product or service, or are planning to create one, this report could be worth a fortune to you.

I want to make one thing clear up front, first: It's not a "get rich quick" scheme or some magical money machine. It's not even a business by itself.

The manual outlines a proven system and a set of techniques to help you make more money with your existing products and services, and to plan new offers for maximum impact, so they sell in bigger numbers for higher prices, right from the start.

It's called...

"The Thud Report"

You've probably heard of the "Thud Factor." Most people think of it as simply adding tons of junk to an existing product as an excuse to raise the price. Unfortunately, too many people do just that. They pile on useless bonuses, hoping to increase the perceived value.

Bad idea, believe me. Your customers will see right through it. If they don't see what you're doing before they buy, they'll recognize it afterward and either ask for a refund or, worse, go away and never buy from you again.

"Thud," when done properly, can help you sell your product for a lot more money (often 2 to 3 times your current price), reduce refunds, increase back end sales, boost customer satisfaction, and help your clients and customers get more benefit from your product, faster. All while helping you to make more sales up front.

"Thud" involves two factors. Real value and perceived value. Increasing either one by itself is a bad idea.

If you add real value without making the customer aware of it before they order, you're losing out on sales and the higher prices that extra value deserves. If you add perceived value that doesn't come through in the delivered product, you're cheating your customers.

Either way, someone loses. That's not your goal.

The trick is to...

Do The Right Thing... The Right Way

There are a few simple things you need to do to get the maximum results from the process. The report explains those things clearly, in only 30 pages. Understand - this isn't rocket science. It's just savvy psychology and smart marketing - with a twist.

Get it wrong and you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Get it right, and you could turn a $17 ebook into a $47 manual; turn a $47 product into a $97 program; and dramatically increase the impact of your new products and services before you ever roll them out.

Some of the things you'll discover in "The Thud Report":

  • 20 different ways you can add real and perceived value (remember: it only counts if you do both) to pretty much any offer.

  • How to increase perceived value that lasts well after the purchase.

  • Why "the same old" can be fatal to your business, and how to avoid it - even if your product isn't all that different from your competition.

  • The biggest mistake people make when adding bonuses to an offer, and how to avoid it.

  • How to change the act of buying from a purchase to an experience.

  • What you can do to become "real" to your customers, and why that's important.

  • Why it's important to change your offer from a product to a program.

  • How to re-construct your existing offer, or plan new ones for maximum impact.

  • ... and loads more.

"Paul, if I didn't have an idea of why you were letting this go for less than say $97 a pop, I'd think you'd lost your mind. But I know better.

"Typical of any offer I ever purchase from Paul. If you are new to marketing on or offline this information, when acted upon, is worth more cashola in your pocket than most, if not all, of the BS that is floating around. Not to mention customers who are actually happy about it."

Jason Hodgins

The report doesn't just talk about digital products.

The examples included cover cameras, print and electronic books, consultants, designers, computers, retail stores, software distributors, health clubs, niche membership sites, affiliate marketers, heating contractors, real estate agents, email publishers, furniture and appliance dealers, tax accountants, child psychologists, dance schools, marketing seminars, comic book dealers, weight loss clinics, craft supply and home improvement stores, classic car repair shops, chiropractors and even sleep stores.

"Thanks Paul! When I first started to read the report, I was worried - Oh no, I know all this stuff. Well, know-it-all me kept reading and you certainly gave me many more ideas than I'd thought of or tried. Plus, I LOVE the way you illustrated everything with real-life examples that apply to all kinds of businesses."

Alice Seba

The report doesn't stop with adding "Thud." There are some serious marketing tips in here that will surprise even more experienced folks.

I can't promise you that you'll make more money with it. No one can, since we don't even know when you buy a product that you'll do anything with it, much less do it right. I can promise you that I'll help you increase your odds. A lot.

And I can promise you that if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting. This could help you to get a lot more.

I could go on for a while more, but it's only $10.

Grab a copy today, and crank up your sales!

Along with the "Thud Report," you'll receive a free subscription to "TalkBiz News," one of the net's leading business newsletters, and a copy of the "TalkBiz Resource Directory." This little treasure trove lists tons of professional quality software that you can get free. Everything you'll need to create useful bonuses, lead generators, or even entire products. It also lists some of my favorite low-cost resources; stuff that I use on a daily basis to save time and get more done, more effectively.

If you want to kick up your prices, your sales, your profits, and your customer satisfaction - all at once - grab a copy today.


Paul Myers
[email protected]

PS: I was a little surprised at the number and tone of the testimonials, considering it's only a $10 report. I mean, how often do people rave about something that inexpensive? (I've included a few more of the early comments below.)

Read it once, and you'll see why. And you'll read it again and again.

PPS: Yes, it's guaranteed. If, up to 30 days from now, you don't feel this is worth many times the small investment you made in it, just contact the seller for a full, no questions asked refund.

"It couldn't have come at a better time for me, as it revealed several things I can immediately implement to increase the value AND the selling price of my new project. (But then, I expected nothing less from you.)

"Thank you for making this info available at this ridiculous price."

Mike McBride

"Thanks for a suberb report.

"Having read through it just once at speed, I have already seen 2 ideas that I estimate fairly conservatively will add around 10,000 to my consultancy work this year alone. Now that's not a bad return on a 5 investment!

"Thanks again,"

Nigel - The Motivation Coach

"Finally read your report. I totally agree that this will be one that I refer to over and over again. One sentence on pg 4 will have many marketers laughing all the way to the bank.

"The report is "Chuck-Full" of easy ways to ramp up your business that will leave your competitors out cold.

"Thanks again for such an excellent report."

Cy Price

"Like all of your stuff, this one will get marketers to think in new, creative ways...and help them to easily pull in more profits.

"There are at least 2 specific ideas that I'm going to implement this week. (I'm sure I'll find more by the time I'm done with the report.)

"Even your download page is a lesson in awesome marketing for anyone who's paying attention. (Did I just coin a phrase..."Awesome Marketing?" hmm... ;)

"Thanks for another home run!"

Bryan Kumar

"If you're a more experienced marketer, some of the points might be a good review for you, but I can almost promise you that you'll find at least one thing that you haven't thought much about before. The title says it all -- you can use these tips to increase your price while probably making more sales. It should work in almost any niche or business.

"I was surprised to see a wide variety of tips throughout the report that were more than just "doubling your profits." They'll definitely give you things to consider, whether you're putting something up online or already have something up and looking to revise it a bit. Some of the other tips given in here I know for a fact are very powerful simply because I've used some of them myself.

"It's definitely a great report, especially for the price. The extra "resources" bonus report has some very convenient links to tools and such. In fact, it probably saved me about $60 already, as I just found a free tool that did something I was going to buy a program for.

"If there was one thing I'd say about the report that I'd change, it would be that some of the tips are much more powerful than someone might guess, and I'd try to make those points stand out a bit more. One of the tips that has about a paragraph or two on it could easily be turned into a 30 page guide."

Brian Kosobucki

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