Cutting Through Chinaís Red Tape Leads to
23,890% Rise in Revenues
And Market-Beating Gains for Investors

Discover five hidden winners in the biggest infrastructure build-out in history

Meet Ian Wyatt, Chief Equity Strategist of Growth Report

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Ian’s bringing five China-based opportunities in his new report, China Investment Report: Top 5 Chinese Stocks for 2008. These stocks are poised for massive gains despite any turn-down in the U.S. economy.

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Fellow Growth Investor,

You and I know both know that China’s rampaging economic boom is creating some staggering profits for smart investors. The real question is…which stocks to get into…and when to get into them?

I’m Ian Wyatt, Chief Investment Strategist, at Growth Report, an investment newsletter and research firm. We’ve been making quite a name for ourselves uncovering hidden small-cap stocks that deliver huge returns. My Stock Research Report Top 5 Chinese Stocks for 2008 lifts the veil off 5 little-known China stocks that will enable you to ride on the coattails of China’s amazing boom. For example, this past year revenues for one of these companies catapulted 23,890% (no, that’s not a misprint), and its stock price has just about doubled over the past 6 months.  

I’ve been covering China investment opportunities for a number of years, and have released three stock research reports on China, helping my readers participate in the run-up in China stocks. For instance, readers who got in one of my recommendations in a previous report have enjoyed a 246% increase in share price. And there are plenty more winners in every one of my China stock research reports.

One of the key areas of China I’ve been focusing on is the build-out of its infrastructure. It’s got big money behind it, plenty of room for growth, and virtually immune from recession fears hitting U.S. stocks. Roads, factories, pipes, industrial materials, shipping, cable wires - the very life blood of modern economies. How big and how fast is this build-out happening?

China builds out the infrastructure equivalent the size of Houston every month!

It’s all part of the biggest urbanization project in history. Millions of peasants from China’s vast rural territories are pouring into cities, suddenly making more money than entire generations before them ever dreamed of, and demanding more goods and services.

China is devouring the essential materials needed for its infrastructure
China is currently gobbling up 45% of the cement produced worldwide annually, and about 30% of the world’s steel, iron and coal.  All this growth has fed the ramp up of China stocks. But there is something else about to happen that will catapult selected stocks much higher. And that catalyst is …

...The Olympics

China would be the fastest growing country in the world even without the Olympics. But hosting the upcoming Olympic Games is like dousing gasoline on a fire, making growth even more intense than before. You see, the Chinese government is determined to impress the entire world. China's top political advisor, Jia Qinglin, recently said, “To host a good Olympic Games is Beijing's No.1 task this year.” So they’re on a tear – building and expanding to get things done in time. Infrastructure related companies are seeing massive profits and their stock prices continue an upward trajectory.

It’s a rare moment in history….

The biggest industrial boom of all is scrambling to meet a momentous deadline – the start of The Games. And the companies leading the charge to get it done are pulling in some eye-popping returns. That’s why you need to be looking into China now.

But where? Let me tell you a little bit about 3 of the companies I talk about in my Special China Report. These stocks are all related in some degree to China’s industrial build-out. All of them have been making excellent money for investors, and I expect them to make even more money for investors this year.

How our stock lifted revenue 23,890%
in 1 Year

Think how well takeover companies in the U.S. have done. Now imagine a well- connected, well-managed takeover artist in China, gobbling up companies with super-growth potential.

So how do they do it? How does this company ignite revenue to such a staggering degree?

This dynamic management and consulting company acquires a controlling interest in companies with strategic roles in the Chinese economy, and then pumps in capital and savvy management so they can flourish. The result is exponential returns for the company and for investors. 

You could say that this company has an uncanny knack for navigating China’s legendary bureaucratic maze– and making great deals. I would attribute a lot of it to the fact that this is one well-connected company. Its principals have strong management backgrounds in China as well as in the U.S., with executives coming from powerhouse investment firms like Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers.  These executives form a vital bridge between inside knowledge of China and U.S. management expertise.

Investing in core infrastructure plays drives huge returns
Much of this firm’s ability to hit home runs is due to smart investments in core infrastructure companies, including a 51% stake in an industrial chemical company, a 60% stake majority interest in a magnesium alloy plant, and 51% in a company converting waste rubber tires into gasoline and oil. All of them were out of the park winners contributing mightily to top-line growth.

A proven ability to translate huge revenue gains to the bottom line
It’s a good thing when you can achieve huge leaps in revenues…it’s even better when you can bring it to the bottom line, like our stock does. Net income for the 9 month period ended September 2007 was $7.1 million compared to a loss of $387,000 in the same period in 2006.

From August 2007 until recently through early January, the stock has doubled. It’s retraced a bit with the broader markets, but presents savvy investors with an easy entry point and a smart buying opportunity.  This is an agile company with its fingers on the pulse of China’s modernization, and we expect the price to double again.

You’ll find out more about this and other small-cap gems in my latest report on China. For instance, you’ll discover…

…Where to Profit in China’s Burgeoning Auto Industry
Remember those pictures of hordes of Chinese riding on their rickety bicycles? Quaint, right? Well, the Chinese want cars. Now.

That demand has vaulted China past Japan as the world’s second-leading consumer of automobiles, behind only the U.S. China’s government has accelerated this trend by pouring billions of dollars into improving the country’s highway network, making it the world’s third most extensive. Now China is in the midst of the greatest road-building boom since the United States highway expansion in the 1950s.

Over the past five years, China has spent more on transportation infrastructure than in the previous five decades of Communist Party rule. With expanded highways and booming car sales, the Chinese are now making cross-country trips across their vast land that were once unthinkable.

The Chinese are not only buying cars, they’re making them - for themselves and, increasingly, for global markets. China has become the world’s third-largest producer of automobiles. In 2005, China surpassed Japan’s auto sales with 5.8 million units to rank as the world’s second largest automobile market, only second to the the U.S. And it continues an accelerated growth pace.

Yet it is a fragmented industry in China (in 2000 six primary automakers commanded 93% of the market, today there are 12 major players holding 83% of the market, and new entrants arrive seemlingly by the day) , and you have to look in the right places for the best plays in this sector…

So we popped open the hood and found a small-cap firing on all cylinders

We spotted this small-cap gem in the mundane area of auto parts − alternators, generators, air brakes – the nuts and bolts of automobiles. This auto parts leader has established partnerships with more than 40 automakers and engine manufacturers, including Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi, and Chery. With the second largest total market share for alternators and starters in China, its product offerings have multiplied from 15 to 220 items.

Once taking a backseat to multinational competitors like Delphi, this company is now  cranking out quality, high-precision auto parts that are blowing past competitors, making it a major force in China’s domestic auto business…and they’re not stopping there because…

…there’s more growth overseas.

The Chinese government has made it an official goal to compete in the global automobile business, and is actively helping companies like this one to achieve that goal.

The fact that new starters and alternators are no longer made in the U.S. is setting the stage for this company to be a global player. With its inexpensive assembly-line labor, and a new presence in Detroit, this company is rapidly gaining a foothold in the U.S. market. Contracts inked in 2007 with customers in the U.K., Poland and Korea will further boost its spreading global business.

Auto parts may not be exciting, but doubling your money certainly is

So with all this happening, itís not surprising that revenues this past year vaulted 36% over the previous year. In the same period, net income rocketed 75.7%. Auto parts may be boring, but this stockís performance is anything but. Since we started coverage on this company itís up 51% and we expect it to double by the end of this year. So get in and enjoy the ride.

You’ll find valuable price targets and comprehensive analysis on each stock to guide you in my new stock research report, China Investment Report: Top 5 Chinese Stocks for 2008…including my next stock recommendation which will connect you to even more profits….

How Owning a Piece of The Biggest Wiring Project in History Can Bring You Record Returns

There is a fast and furious effort to get China wired NOW! Telephones, electricity, TV, telecommunications, the Internet – modern life depends on being connected. The key element in this giant wiring project is bimetallic wire – copper-clad aluminum wire –because it offers the conductivity properties of pure copper while maintaining aluminum’s lighter weight and lower price.

The small-cap company we like in this area is China’s largest manufacturer of bimetallic wire, controlling over 50% of the market.

Understand that this company owns a lionís share of the material that provides the very guts of modern connected life, from telephone and cable lines, to electricity, and conductor lines for railways. With Chinaís expanding infrastructure eating up bimetallic wire like a starving man at a banquet, this market dominating company stands to make more outsized profits.

Since I started following this company, itís already delivered a 72% return in a matter of months.

And if its share of the China market isn’t enough, you should know that it is now also about to connect other parts of the world.

The company has recently moved to center stage in the global market by acquiring the leading U.S. manufacturer of bimetallic wire. So now with a sizable presence in the U.S., as well as in Europe, it has become the pre-eminent supplier of bimetallic products in the world, serving key industries like telecommunications and electronics.

As you might expect, market dominance shows up on the balance sheet. Revenues shot up 72.9% from last year. But hold on, this ride is about to shift into even higher gear. Current year revenue growth is expected to be 84%, and next year it’s estimated to accelerate to 107%. So we are raising are price target again for this gem, now up to $25.

Those are just some of the companies you’ll get the goods on in my
China Investment Report:
Top 5 Chinese Stocks for 2008

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So why, you ask, are we giving away this valuable information?

Simple. I want to show you what Growth Report can do for you. I want to give you some real examples of why we have become known as the newsletter and research company that tracks down and finds unknown small-caps that turn into big winners.

I know once you get a taste of what we offer, you’ll want to continue and become a valued member of the Growth Report community.

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Opportunities in China are moving fast.
Your Time Is Now

This is my third Special Report on China stocks. Investors who took advantage of the recommendations from my previous reports have enjoyed some spectacular gains.

For instance, those who bought, an online discount travel company, when I recommended it in my first China Investment Report enjoyed a return of 86% in the first 12 months from initial coverage and those who took positions at the beginning are now seeing  a return of 246%.

So don’t wait. Don’t miss out on the extraordinary profit opportunities presented in my just-released China Investment Report: Top 5 Chinese Stocks for 2008.  Claim your copy today!

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Ian Wyatt

Chief Equity Strategist
Growth Report

P.S. Remember, events and trends in China are happening at warp speed. Investors in China-based companies are realizing big gains now. Don’t miss out on this historic opportunity…

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