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Why You Should Bid on Individual Keywords in Your Google Adgroups

By Leon Altman

When you set up keywords in a Google Adwords campaign the system defaults to one maximum cost per click for all the keywords in the group. The problem is that all keywords in a group should not be valued equally — even if you packed only closely related keywords in the group.

Adjusting bids for individual keywords and phrases in an Adgroup will give you greater control and yield better results. Let me give you an example.

I recently created a new Adwords campaign. While I won't give the name of the product, I'll tell you that most people would search for the product using a 3 word phrase. Let's call the phrase “Widgets and Fidgets.” While some people might search using the whole phrase, others might search using either ”widgets” or “fidgets,” So I created an Adgroup using different Adwords matching options for the phrase and for the words widgets and fidgets individually.

I set a maximum cost per click for the group at 10 cents. After a number of days, I was getting a percentage people clicking on fidgets. But no clicks on widgets. It was clear that widgets was of a higher value, and the bid I used just wasn't enough to capture people searching for widgets.

By bidding on individual keywords I could increase my maximum bid for all the combinations of the word widgets, without changing my default bid for the group. I decided to increase my bid for “widgets” to 15 cents and kept “fidgets” at .10. What a difference! Clicks for variations on the word widgets shot up, and in some instances clickthrough rates beat out the clickthrough rate for fidgets.

Some of you might be thinking that I could've set up “widgets” and “fidgets” into separate adgroups. But in this instance, the best ads lent themselves to an adgroup that had both words in the group.

If I had left the bid to Google's Adgroup default position, I would've missed out on a large audience. Or, if I had raised the bid for the whole group, I might've paid too much for “fidgets.”

Clearly, you have more flexibility and control over an Adgroup using separate bids for different keywords. By doing this, you will override the default bid for the group on just those keywords you change. But Google doesn't make it easy to find this option. The trick is to change the bid for one keyword, then Google changes the screen set-up so you have the ability to enter different bids for all the keywords in the group. Here's how to do it:

Go to your campaign then click on an Adgroup. You come to a screen with a list of your keywords with blank checkboxes next to them. Check any keyword. Then click on “Edit Keyword Settings” which is a button at the top of the Keyword column. You are then shown a screen where you can change the bid for that keyword. Enter a maximum CPC that is different than your default bid for the group. Voila, the screen refreshes and you see that now you have an edit option next to the bids for every keyword. That now becames the default screen and you can easily adjust bids for each keyword without going through the whole process again.
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Leon Altman is a highly experienced marketer, copywriter and Internet entrepreneur.
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