Jim Cramer Case Studies
Campaigns I created for theStreet.com

Business Problem:

Subscribers to Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus were dropping out at a high rate rate because many felt they didn't have the capital to trade along side Cramer.( Cramer's AA Plus Portfolio is over $3 million.)

The Solution
The answer would be a joint venture with FOLIOfn, a new kind of investing service which would enable subscribers to mimic Cramer's trades in a portfolio that matched his, but at any level of capital.

The first step was a teaser campaign, including an email blast and an ad campaign/landing page.
The online ad campaign (on theStreet.com, Yahoo, MSN, aol and other sites) was a series of rotating flash ads (3 frames). While we tried some ads that used just type, the clear winners were ads where Cramer appeared, and directly faced the viewer in a take-charge way, saying he listened to their concerns and is taking action. (last frame from one of the winning ads -
Teaser Ad

The ad led to the "letter" landing page.I assumed Cramer's voice and personality and wrote the letter. The letter was not apologetic but said that Cramer understood their concerns and that he had found a solution and it was on the way.
(To enlarge, right-click on letter, then click on icon that appears).
 Teaser Landing Page

The Launch Campaign
The winner of the introductory Flash ad campaign was again Cramer facing the viewer, though in a calmer way. (Last frame - Introductory Ad

A number of landing pages were tested. The winner, seen here, was the page that got across idea, both visually and in copy, that you were trading "right along side" Cramer.
The call to actions were: open an account (we didn't expect many to do this at this stage), open a "Watch" account, and/or take a test drive (we expected most to take this option and we were correct).
Introductory Landing Page

Here is the landing page I wrote that explained the relationship of Cramer with FOLIOfn and how it would benefit the reader. See jv landing page.

Online Tutorial
The FOLIOfn concept is a difficult one to explain. I created a minisite that simplified the concept with clear text and pie charts, plus a slide show tutorial. The following links are screenshots of the online tutorial I created.
>> Tutorial Screenshot 1
>> Tutorial Screenshot 2
>> Tutorial Screenshot 3
>> Tutorial Screenshot 4
>> Tutorial Screenshot 5
>> Tutorial Screenshot 6
>> Tutorial Screenshot 7

Increasing Subscribers
Another campaign I created for theStreet was a straightforward push to get more paid subscribers in one month using a very low price point good for 3 months. Different test offers went to different audiences, including:

-Subscribers to theStreet.com's free service.
-Subscribers to AA Plus but not to Real Money (a premium web site)
-Subscribers to RM but not AA Plus
-Previous (lapsed) subscribers to either.

Also hard offers vs soft offers were tested.

On the email side: the winner was the offer for just AA Plus alone
The soft offer which emphasized, "No Obligation, No Credit Card Needed" beat hard offers. Samples of the campaign:




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